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The time I'm obsessed with by Rony Levy

It's June 2, 2020 and here I am again in front of my Mac keyboard about to type, for the umpteenth time, the word "time".

I am definitely obsessed by this word... How will this passing time shape our tomorrow? Guessing and uncertainty rub shoulders.

We have to admit that we are living extraordinary moments, in the sense of : "out of the ordinary".

Our leaders, who are trying to put into practice the age-old adage: "to govern is to plan ahead", are embarrassed to say the least, and some blame them for this being seen and heard just a little too much. They are ignorant. So they apply the preventive principle, to excess, according to some, and to good effect according to others - mainly scientists - with the recurrent questioning: "What are the consequences"?

There is no real science except in doubt, it is said.

On June 1, 2020 at 11:59 p.m., there was a queue in front of the entrance of a bistro in a Parisian street. It was an epic moment, because one minute later, there would be the lifting of restrictions on the opening of bars and restaurants. In an instant, they were all sitting on the terrace, laughing, displaying orgasmic faces!

To the silent question, they reply: "Finally, we are reappropriating our lives" ... the conviction had not even been accompanied by a suspended sentence. We took three months off!

So, "What possible for what future"? The question leaves us stunned. Will tomorrow be (so) different from yesterday? Or is it?

Sitting at my desk, I try not to squint, with one eye on my computer screen and the other on the TV screen. On one side or the other, it's everything and its opposite.

France2 shows us, over and over again, images from all over France. Smiles in abundance, happy faces. The sun is also part of the festivities. Hell, they're all thirsty after having served the time of confinement. You can finally spread your towel on the sand of the beach to get a little tan, get together with other people, in short, do everything over again... as before.

The cacographic (even phonic) signals of our leaders exacerbate our perplexity.

The voice-over tells us: "Watch out guys, it's not over..." which leads us to take three steps forward and two backward. We hurry, slowly or, according to our national Alain Berset, we go: "As fast as possible but as slowly as necessary..."! "A statement that will undoubtedly stick to the skin and serve as an epitaph, when the time comes, to excite the neurons of tomorrow's epigraphers!

All this to say that we know where our desires lead us but that the road is obscure and uncertain. Will tomorrow obey the rule of weather forecasting where we are less and less often mistaken but where time differences remain just as frequent? No doubt, in the end, the future will be filled with a few possibilities, as opposed to probable ones that are more the product of imagination than of supported convictions.

Let's take example 1: Mr. and Mrs. are teleworking. The children are not allowed to go to school. Basically it's pretty cool. We get up together, we take the time (sorry but it' s interfering!) to have breakfast together, none of the parents have to run to dress the children and more than : "Ah crap... I'm late, you don't want to replace me this morning, I'll take your turn tomorrow" What do we start with today, maths or French?

Versus example 2: "It's a good thing he has this meeting tonight, I'll be able to go see my mother without forcing her to come with me" or "I'd like to see them grow up and chat with them. Get to know them better. He talks about his children.

Each coin has a coin flip.

And the question is not: "What to choose," but simply. "Will I have a choice? »

The wise man said that to do great things in life, you must live it as if you were eternal. The answer may well lie in that famous word that so mistreats my grey matter: Time. Doing the same things as BC (Before Confinement) but taking the time. Introduce temporization in our life. No longer regret not having... time. And to conjugate our verbs in the future tense: tomorrow I will know what was. It's almost ubiquitous.

All this is (perhaps) terribly far-fetched, but above all, terribly possible... for all those who have taken a taste for confinement.

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