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The Editorial Staff

Katia Elkaim
BriEFcase Editor

Katia was born and raised in Lausanne.

She studied law and practiced as a lawyer for many years. She was appointed judge in 2010.

An accomplished author, she has published her first novel "La légende d'Uka". A painter, she uses bright colours to create and express.

She has two cats, a wine cellar, and a collection of 18th and 19th century books on living and cooking.

Born in London, Nigel lives in Lincolnshire, northern England, in a venerable Georgian house which he is restoring.

After studying semiology and archaeology at UCL and Birkbeck, he has dedicated his career to understanding how humans experience and respond to external stimuli.


Author of numerous articles and short stories, he has lived, worked and written on three continents, four if you include Zealandia.


Nigel has four cats, a wine cellar, and a collection of American portraits.

Nigel Roth
BriEFcase Editor
Sylvaine Perret-Gentil
BriEFcase contributrice

Sylvaine was born in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

She practiced as a lawyer in Lausanne for thirteen years, then as a judge for almost a decade.


In 2018, Sylvaine moved to Kerala (India), where she runs a Guest House.

Passionate about philosophy, opera and gardening, she constantly questions the nature of man's links with the universe.


Sylvaine was adopted by two semi-wild cats. She does not have a wine cellar but enjoys tasting good Kerala wines. She has a collection of tropical fruit trees, medicinal plants and colourful hibiscus.

The Editorial Staff

The BriEFcase is a space for expression in the form of articles, editorials or essays. Its aim is to inform, question and nourish the reflexion of the readers on various subjects: an open-mindedness which allows to escape.


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